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Lynn and Obedience

I have been training and showing dogs in obedience trials since 1984. I have put many titles on different breeds of dogs in the American Kennel Club (AKC), the United Kennel Club (UKC) and the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC). The most respected and honored title is the Obedience Trial Championship or OTCH. I am proud to have trained 6 of my dogs to that championship title. My dogs have earned four perfect “200” scores, rarely given in obedience for a "perfect performance."

Along the way, I have earned over 140 High In Trial Awards, given for the best scoring dog in the entire trial; over 60 High Combined Awards, given for the dog having the highest combined score in the Open B and Utility B class; multiple awards for Highest Scoring Sporting Dog as well as Highest Scoring Doberman Awards and Highest Scoring Golden Retriever Awards.

Other titles earned include: Companion Dog (CD), Companion Dog Excellent (CDX), Utility Dog (UD), Utility Dog Excellent (UDX), Tracking Dog (TD), Junior Hunter (JH), Temperment Test (TT), Working Aptitude Certificate (WAC).

I travel to all parts of the country to participate in trials as well as to give seminars for obedience showing and training. I train using very positive methods. My students, both locally and in other states, have excelled with their dogs using my positive methods. Food, toys and especially play all are very positive motivators and keep our dogs attitudes happy and eager.

Lynn and Agility

I became interested in agility when Jane Simmons-Moake introduced herself to me and inquired about breeding her wonderful agility/obedience dog, Tracey, OTCH ADCH SKC CH U-CDX Tejas Trace Of Topaz UDX MX AXJ JH FDCH WC VCX OD, to my dog Thriller. Jane had seen Thriller, OTCH Wynwood's Thrill Of It All UDX JH, at the San Antonio Regional at which Thriller placed 1st in the open division. Jane sent me a video of Tracey working in agility as well as in some commercials. I was impressed with Tracey and thought that agility looked like a wonderful, fun sport. We did eventually breed Thriller and Tracey, which produced some wonderful dogs, including her bitch, OTCH MACH11 ADCH Flashpaws Hollywood Hotshot UDX2 BDA-CD ADHF OD, also known as Holly, and MACH14 ADCh NATCh ATCh Flashpaws Kooki Li'l Charmer UD ADHF also known as Kelsie.

I bred my first litter, Thriller and Glory, which produced some terrific dogs, including four OTCH dogs, one of which was an OTCH/MACH. I began agility with one of those puppies, Bounder, Hideaway's Bound To Thrill MX, MXJ. She earned the Master Agility and the Master Agility Jumper titles.

Bounder had to take a "time out" twice for breeding. Those puppies are already excelling in agility. Bounder was bred to a male who was from Jane Simmons Moake's breeding, OTCH FlashPaw's Frozen In Time UDX OA OAJ - a littermate to her dog Susie, MACH Flashpaw's Run Around Sue. I kept a puppy from each of those breedings: Charm, Hideaway's Twice The Thrills UD RN MX MXJ, and Rider, Hideaway's Thrill Ride CDX RA AX AXJ.

I am also showing a male golden named Zoom, Shoreland's Hi Speed Thrills CD AX MXJ.

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