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What is Obedience Training and Why Do You Need It?

Obedience training helps you and your dog in many ways. Training helps you to establish your role as the leader of your household “pack.” Training also establishes a line of communication between you and your dog. Teaching a few simple commands that your dog can respond to, and then be rewarded for his proper response, will begin the foundation of understanding and communication for a lifetime relationship.

Training should be fun for both you and your dog. To make it fun, I will show you how to use food, toys and play to accomplish the training of some simple behaviors. I want your dog to be eager to participate in the training. Once your dog has learned and fully understands the commands, he will also learn that there are consequences for refusing to comply.

You will learn to be consistent. Household rules should be established by your family and then it is the family’s responsibility to see that the rules are obeyed by everyone. That means ALWAYS rewarding/praising good behaviors and ALWAYS correcting inappropriate behaviors. It will be important to practice at home what you learn in class. Remember, every minute you spend with your dog is a learning experience for your dog.

Many people come to their very first obedience class through sheer desperation. Often the dog has already established some very bad habits. It is better to start training your puppy before he can learn bad habits. Whether you are trying to set good habits with your puppy, or change some bad habits with your older puppy or dog, it is important to understand that it will take some effort and perseverance on your part….but the results will be gratifying.

Dogs love to work and play. Young dogs get bored easily. Puppies have so much energy…and may direct that energy in destructive ways, especially when left unattended. Young puppies need “household management” as well as training. Training will give your puppy or dog a proper and fun way to use his energy, while at the same time giving him a “job” to do. He should learn to “earn” his living.

Most dogs really do want to please their owners. All we need to do is to clearly show them how. They love to work for us and make us happy. AREN’T WE LUCKY?

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